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last modification: february 10th, 2012

Adjust f/stop (ASA) for automatic lightmeters and use KODAK´s EKTACHROME 64T Super 8 film and others.....

       NOW possible for BAUER, ELMO, COSINA,  Nizo integral, AGFA, PORST, SANKYO

Most of fine professional  BAUER Super 8 cameras, AGFA movexoom 6 or 10mos electronic , ELMO 1012S-XL and some others do not check automatically 64 ASA (tungsten) and some other films. The unmodified standard camera  will be recognize this film as 40 ASA and for this reason overexpose for 2/3 aperture opening. Maybe it is not a problem for you. But if you want to do exactly exposing and use this Kodak 64T film and also other films with similar or other “exotic” need this modification. ( it is not possible to generally adjust the lightmeter for the 64ASA film - in this case other filmspeeds are underexposed than!).

    In addition to professional top-level camera features I have developed modifications and have now  the knowledge to modify cameras with a new feature for manual lightmeter compensation. Setting the automatic exposure to more closed or open aperture is now possible. Like a Beaulieu you are flexible now to use every filmspeed up to ~160 or more ASA in combination with automatic exposure.

... variable Lightmeter adjustment - and therefore modification of the checked filmspeed - known from Chinon, Cosina, Sankyo or other japanese cams, but never available for the highend professional cameras from Braun, Nizo, Bauer, Agfa


 with a small screwdriver you can adjust and set this easily now to your individual needs!

Exposure compensation is possible for:

BAUER: A512,  A508, A506, C models, XL series, Royal 6E, 8E and 10E

PORST: MS600, MS800, 850 XL, sound 1500 microcomputer

AGFA: MOVEXOOM 10 mos electronic and 6 mos electronic

BRAUN Nizo: integral 5, 6, 7, 10

modifications for cameras made for original Kodak 60m/200ft and SUPERMAG 400 filmmagazine:

ELMO: 1012S-XL , 612S-XL

COSINA: professional 204XL,  professional 206, professional 208

SANKYO: XL61-200


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