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Some basics about integrated WRATTEN daylight filters and others

Daylight and artificial light has different colour temperatures. This differences must be converted by coloured filters. Unfortunately these filters reduces the amount of light. During daylight there is more    brightness than the film normally needs to expose. For this reason the technicians have balanced their colour reversal films for using  filters during daylight and no filters with artificial light. This is called “tungsten balanced”.

Daylight filter for the new Ektachrome 64T

For daylight (5500°K) Kodak recommends orange 85B wratten filter for the KODAK EKTACHROME 64T 5240/7240 film. Unfortunately all available Super8 cameras with integrated filter are equipped with 85A (same as 85) Wratten filter for the old standard colour reversal films like KODACHROME40. This orange filter is slightly different from the new one.


see this original filter

see this dim and dull filter from a old Nizo

old optical Wratten gelatin filters are “eaten” - covered  with something like dust

Most integrated WRATTEN daylight filters of the old Super8 cameras are made from coloured gelatin with a clear coating. Unfortunately this gelatin is organic and a very good livingarea for fungus or bacteria cultures - also possible in humid air: the clear coating and gelatin filtermaterial disconnects and optical clearance is lost...Due to age of the Super8 cameras, very often I find dots or a dim surface on this integrated orange filters which are not cleanable.

This is the reason why you can shoot with a camera clear sharp pictures without this filter and only dull - dimmed pictures with filter......

How I can avoid this problem?

  • Ask your local repairman to replace this by a new one - but be aware: mostly your camera must be demounted !
  • Use  a filterbox in front of your lens! With this you will be free to insert also any other filter you need!

Have no fear! New filters are good for a lot of years if stored well.


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