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Fungus - ” eats” glas

             - brings death to optics

last modification: february 10th, 2012

At the 70th and 80th people bought new Super8 cameras and used these fine cams for a while. Due to other fine technics they bought a video-camera and they stored their worthless but still well running Super8 cameras packed in cases, plastic bags or something others anywhere in their houses. .....Today, after these elderly people leave their home or died, these Super8 camera will be offered at ebay as a still running camera. Lucky you are, if you baught a rare item for a bargain bid ! ???. ..maybe the electronics/contacts/motor are really still running. But the worst case is fungus on lenses, inside the optics - which is not common known to most sellers and users.

If you have a look through the viewfinder,

  • - sometimes you have a dull, dim, a little bit “cloudy or milky” view.
  • - sometimes the view is clear but your developed film is not really clear, a little bit “milky and soft”,  bad exposed - (if only with daylight filter see here).

If you set the zoom to the lowest faktor (wideangle) and have a look from  front into the lens,

  • sometimes  you see something like dimmed glas, or finest small vain at the inner optical lenses.

What is the reason for all this?

In most cases it is FUNGUS !. Some kind of fungus can exist with low oxygene in humid air at the surface of glass. A condition which is to find inside the optical system depending of climateconditions. The fungus is able to produce an acid which can dissolve the silicon of the glas. He lives from this and leave a dim surface. Normally this camera is only garbage and worthless.

I have found a method to stop fungus if it is in the early beginning phase. But it is necessary to dissassemble the optics (and camera) -  very intensive work!

The worst case - enlargement of an 22mm lens -

For better visibility of this photos a technical process was made.

Enlargement of lenses with vains, milky clouds from fungus:

Often the lenses at the front are clear and only the small inner lenses have  something like milky cover -

this can be fungus - but it can be also oilfog on the lens from lubricant. This is often to find inside Nizo lenses.

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