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last modification: february 10th, 2012

I have developed this features.Sometimes I sell cameras out of my collection. It is not a standard professional offer from me! But I am looking for a shop or repairmen which can do this job in future.....please ask.

1. highend cameras for 64ASA and more

WARNiNG:   nearly all original Bosch / BAUER Super8 moviecameras do NOT expose correctly the  64ASA films :

  1. all      C... XL types (47, 61, 107, 108, 109, :500, 700, 900 )
  2. all      S... XL types ( z.B. 207, 209, 608, 609, 709, 715 )
  3. all      A types (e.g.. A506, A508 A509, A512)
  4. all      Royal E types (e.g.  6E, 8E, 10E )

Moviecameras with modification feature are able to work with 64ASA AND other filmspeeds

 f/stop correction is also possible for Cosina, ELMO, Sankyo and some  others:

for 200ft cartridge or Supermag400:

  • Cosina professional: 204, 206,208
  • ELMO: 612S-XL and 1012S-XL
  • Sankyo: XL61-200

... with a small screwdriver you can adjust the metered aperture to your individual needs - like ASA correction!

2. NIZO, Canon, Cosina without PX625 PX14 - like the rare Nizo Professional

no extra battery!

NEW - only with standard Mignon - AA batteries - now for all Nizo silverline (e.g. S 480, 560, 800, 481,561,801) - for this reason the NIZO professional moviecam is highly asked by filmmakers - Of cause this feature is available also for highend COSINA Super-8 moviecams

3.   Livesound also for Super-8  Nizo and Bauer

the original plugs and cable are not available anymore -

new Mini DIN socket and pulse cable for connection to AV sync- soundrecorder or computer  -

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