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last modification: february 10th, 2012

Bosch / Bauer  - they have build  some of the best (AND) reliable Super 8 cams!   (this is the reason why I have developed some modifications for BAUER cameras: using different ASA films. or extra power socket...)

Bosch / Bauer cams are compact, solid made with a design: friendly and handy. With all features you need for your film project. The NEOVARON (made by Schneider/Kreuznach) lenses are mostly “lowlight lenses” 1.2  or 1.4 with good sharpness and colours. Shutter openings up 230°. So you can take scenes under normal streetlights conditions.Older types have very fine NEOVARON / Schneider lens 1.8.

One  top soundmodel is equipped with   the legendary 15 x Zoom from Angenieux/Paris 1.4 or 1.8 /7 - 90mm! 

I love Bauer cams due to their well constructed, durable mechanic and electronic. Better than any other normal available Super8 camera.

They don´t have  a real weakness. Sometimes the eycup is broken, but this is not a real problem.Only  exposure correction and a external power socket is missing.

Worth to know is: the autochecker for filmspeed can recognize only 40 or 160 ASA cartridges.. In some manuals unfortunately is documented ASA 40 - 160 which many people reads as 40 to 160. This is wrong! There is only one pin for checking a 160/100 ASA cartridge. But of cause you have manual override for apertures. My developed feature ADAMS64:. with exposure correction and external power socket.

C 61 XL

I modify Bauer cameras with an additional adjustment for using different films in combination with automatic exposure... and also with external power socket.

On the top are filmspeed switch, zoom, main switch and below a flip cover the switch for manual aperture.

Some models have a rotating handle for better storing or usage on a tripod.

One top soundcameramodel: S609 XL microprocessor with NEOVARON lens 1.2 / 7-51mm, shutter 200°, fps 1, 18, 24, 40, timer from  6 fps to 1 frame/minute , fade, lap dissolve, BLC, remote control.

The TOP - soundmodel is the S715 XL microprocessor with the legendary Angenieux lens 15x zoom 1.4 /7 - 90mm and some additional trick features (other brand name is PORST sound 1500 microcomputer).

 S709 XL microprocessor is the same camera with the NEOVARON lens 1.2 / 7-51mm with some advantage for lowligth conditions.



The silence models:  (some with backward filming and manual rewind feature for real double exposure - never known from a Nizo, Canon or any other...)

If you want to get a BAUER (or another) camera with modification for using other filmspeeds than 25/40 or 100/160 ASA have a look...

One top “lowlight cam“ is the small, handy C107XL1.2 / 7-45mm, shutter 225°, fps 1, 9,18, 36, timer from 6 fps to 1 frame/minute , fade, BLC, remote control, flash. Due to this wide shutter angle and the lens you have 20% more light than you get from a fine NIZO 480 - 801 or NIZO professional with varable shutter! I call it  “nighteye”.......

A lot of other, very good models are available, which have sometimes only very few differences. 

The TOP - silencemodels have features never available with NIZO or other cameras! With manual or auto variable shutter, manual and auto rewind feature, longterm exposure (auto shutter 1/10sec - 1min) auto scene lengths (1-12 sec.), timer, is the A 512  (and 508 or 506) made for professional usage, and the pre models: Bauer Royal series (6E,  8E, 10E).. But do not look only for these fine cams. In good condition they are very rare and expensive!

The first black/silver series with metal housing from BAUER with the cartridge compartment at the right side can check all filmspeeds! Some fine cams were build C1, C2, C3....If you are looking for a camera , very solid, without high sophisticated electronic features but with variable shutter and rewind feature? Here it is:  Bauer Royal series (6, 8, 10 ). With single frame 12, 18, 24 (54) fps. The optional BAUER TrickSet gives timer and autofade features. Technic and lenses (from)Schneider)  of these Bauer cams are also to find in Rollei and some Porst cams.

The picture above shows a  Royal 6 - zoom and looks like a underdog not like a “man´s cam”. But this  fine camera is comparable to a Nizo.S480 (1:1.8/ 6-48mm lens, variable shutter, lot of film speeds, all ASA filmspeed-checking) the same technic as Royal 8 or Royal 10..(comparable to Nizo  S 560, S 800 )..

The marketing for BAUER and BRAUN silent cameras was very similar.they offered one identical body with 3 types of lenses. In the late 70th BOSCH was the owner of the two brands... 

unfortunately the original Bosch/Bauer cameras of the “E” series and ALL later developed cameras have a problem with 64 ASA.

Royal 10E: with longterm exposure - comparable to Nizo 801 macro and nearly the same model as the unbeatable Bauer A512

(with different lenses:Royal 6E, 8E )

BAUER cameras (and also some others) can be modified technology..

A 512 XL

see here for BAUER overview

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